Vision Of Life Poem by alicia cross

Vision Of Life

Rating: 4.5

His words are louder than his actions,
His expressions progress more than his words;
He has the eye of an eagle,
Seeking truth and nobility;
The pupils that seep through to your core, with an instant glance,
His eyes are more intimate than he;
They touch my soul far within,
They run through the rivers of my blood;
He's old, but has the best sincere vision,
For not 20-20, but the vision of life;

By: Alicia N. Cross Dedicated to my granddad. We miss and love you so much.

Keith Hendrickson 07 July 2009

WOW! ! ! ! a very beautiful piece of work. my fav of yours so far.... really really deep and passionate. you sure do have a way with words.

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Lee Crowell 28 May 2009

the pupils that seep through to your core with an instant glance a beautiful expression, and I'm sure your grandfather carries this poem with him in his shirt pocket to show everyone god rest his soul

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Eyan Desir 26 May 2009

Well written dear poet 10s

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Joseph Poewhit 26 May 2009

The old one's have seen it all.

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