To His Young Mistress Poem by Pierre de Ronsard

To His Young Mistress

Rating: 3.9

Fair flower of fifteen springs, that still
Art scarcely blossomed from the bud,
Yet hast such store of evil will,
A heart so full of hardihood,
Seeking to hide in friendly wise
The mischief of your mocking eyes.

If you have pity, child, give o’er;
Give back the heart you stole from me,
Pirate, setting so little store
On this your captive from Love’s sea,
Holding his misery for gain,
And making pleasure of his pain.

Another, not so fair of face,
But far more pitiful than you,
Would take my heart, if of his grace,
My heart would give her of Love’s due;
And she shall have it, since I find
That you are cruel and unkind.

Nay, I would rather that it died,
Within your white hands prisoning,
Would rather that it still abide
In your ungentle comforting.
Than change its faith, and seek to her
That is more kind, but not so fair.

Rajnish Manga 20 November 2015

The plight of a passionate lover has been translated into beautiful words. A quote: Holding his misery for gain, And making pleasure of his pain.

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Susan Williams 20 November 2015

Could not get on his side after reading she was only fifteen- I hope she was very cruel to his lecherous heart. Glad times have changed!

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The O 06 September 2019

The age of consent in France is 15 to this day

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Savita Tyagi 20 November 2015

Lovely poem. In today's world he would be declared a child molester and she an innocent minor not of cruel heat but defending herself to her best. Enjoyed this old world depiction of love and beauty.

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* Sunprincess * 20 November 2015

.....wonderful poem, love the vocabulary of the he time period ★

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Meshack Bankole 20 November 2015

Romantic! cruel love... beautiful lines for a hardihood mistress

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