To My Dad, With Love..... Poem by Umasree Raghunath

To My Dad, With Love.....

Years pass by, silently into the serenity you left behind,
Tears yet shed, for having lost a wonderful dad...a person known to be very kind.
Looking behind the two decades that slipped,
Not a day where we forgot or not dearly missed.
Your dreams, that make us to aspire more....
The wisdom you injected in us in galore.....
Feelings of love, care, emotions and service
Thoughts of simple living and high thinking....
That you taught us when were kids
will be surely passed on to our generations
For, it is the biggest wealth we had, and
possibly the biggest we can give
21 years. Are you really gone from this world?
For I felt your divine presence and words told
When ever I had no where to go, I know for
sure where I can look upon and speak
Suddenly and surely, I heard answers back
and blessings uncounted and unimagined in track
Yes Daddy, I feel you still, besides me ever
guiding us, and letting us walk
take those simple steps of life slowly but truly
in the direction set by you unwither by the winds
Love you Daddy, Miss you Too!

Dated: 9 Jan 2013

Prasanna Kumari 23 February 2014

there is pain and nostalgia in those words......

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Umasree Raghunath

Umasree Raghunath

Eluru, AndhraPradesh, India
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