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National Month of Poetry – April 2014

Date: 1 April 2014
My Nation- My Pride

Ayiram peNmai malarattumE
Ayiram kaNgaL rasikkattumE
oruththiyin nenjsam oruvanukkenRE
sol sol sol.. thOzi sol sol sol

As a woman I died several times in this life

But just being a woman, I had to courage to raise again

Loving, caring, sharing and everything
taking me as such and my anything
giving me love, hope and peaceful life
making me his charming young little wife

Years pass by, silently into the serenity you left behind,
Tears yet shed, for having lost a wonderful dad,
a person known to be very kind,
Looking behind the two decades that slipped

This is the voice of a fire accident survivor!

Date: 10 April 2014

Date: 6 April 2014. Day 6@ NaPoWriMo 2014
Title: Jaipur, the city of pink and palaces

In the state of Rajasthan, a pink city of beauty emerged

Theemthananaa Theemthananaa Theemthananaa Theemthananaa

Theemthananaa Theemthananaa Thiranaa

The fury of Mother Earth.,
Devastating the planets precious lands
Succumbing to the devilish waves of sea
Where will the man go in calmness?

Lend a hand
With fresh a mind
Showing the Inner Wheel brand
And being very kind

Some creations are done for no reason
Not for a particular fashion or season
They sprang out in a true emotion
To make the same a real passion


Sitting along the sea coast
Watching the submerging waves
The rays of the sun at is best
Songs of the rocks sing in my head

Looking out of the window pane
I watch the stars disappearing in pain
As the clouds overshadow them in disdain
And my thoughts linger all along my brain

A shrill cry for justice!
Date: 27 Nov 2013

When Justice walks away with closed eyes



Date: 28 April 2013

The Journey called Life
Is a blessing with you beside
With the love a little one
It's always life with fun

As a kid, I always wanted new things
But still did not mind sharing the old ones
As a teen, wanted to do a study of my choice
But had to compromise on what could be afforded

You came to me like a fresh rain
when i had nothing to share in vain
you showed me ardent love
making me feel like a dove

Life is something bright and beautiful
When love is lasting and truthful

Umasree Raghunath Biography

A vivid writer, well known blogger and a highly respeced Poet whose emotions flow as the stream of words and giving thyself a new meaning with every lyric written and every poem completed. Poetry to me is a passion Its one way to shed my emotion. Best way to describe creation Cherish everything in unison My passion began when I was 13 years old. Writing jingles. Just 4 line verses for the Young World - in Hindu. I don't remember the day, when the first poem got published, but it inspired me to continue. I found that having command over a language and passion to feel and react to everything around you is all that needed to be a good writer. As the best outgoing student, having an opportunity to represent the district at the State Level in many events, gave me a focus on two things in life- Poetry & Service. The first dictionary I received as a prize for winning all prizes of the Forest Department Literacy Drive became my bible. Collector Madan Mohan Reddy advised the amateur writer to read five pages of the same every day. I gave it a small thought. A small beginning. My first poem that went public was on August 20,1992, months after Rajiv Gandhi's assassination, on Satbhavana Divas in front of 1400 students and a large press audience. Emotion sprang from a speech to an unknown poem, that later got widely applauded by Collector Agarwal. I felt embarrassed receiving responses for that event. Many occasions and events make a poet. Anything that would touch your heart, make you feel, understand the emotion, provide you a solution - in a poetic description. I always wanted Poetry to be a subject, just like Geography, history or Math's. For this would definitely make the silent minds speak. Rewind and react on things- off late the most forgotten emotions in this materialistic world. Make me thy lord, sand or a stone If I forget to smile or cry or frown Take me thy lord, off this world If I fail to love a child and old. So far, I have a library of 400 poems, small and big in sizes, soft and strong in emotions, events of life safely hidden in verses, and vast more reactions packed in all lines of frustrations, truly describing the inspirations, taking myself forward. Ask me not as a poet to write for you For I cannot do that till I know you Share me not as a poet to all I knew For they share my pain and passions too. All I could say is, give due recognition. When the world over accolades and appreciates young writers and poets, India seems to be no where in the cream layer. We have rich potential of young minds to be explored. Poetry is one beautiful part of literature. Let India make its mark in this field too, after all, all achievements of human beings are for those few emotions that bind them- Love, Hatred, Frustration, Happiness, Success & Contentment. Thank You!)

The Best Poem Of Umasree Raghunath

My Nation- My Pride- Salute To India

National Month of Poetry – April 2014

Date: 1 April 2014
My Nation- My Pride

Holding our flag in my hand
The feeling of being in her lap
My motherland, my nation
Tears rolled down in respect and love
Taking the first step towards her
Waving the tri-color in pride
As the Jawans stood around to guide
There is no beginning or end
To the feelings of patriotism found
Dancing to the tunes of Jai Ho!
Men and Women swayed in happiness
A Free India, A freedom cherished
That makes life more eternal, surreal
Where else can you feel this pride?
Than at the moment to hold the flag
A salute to the soldiers enduring
The wrath of climates and enemies
Protecting our Nation from all tyrants
Smiling as they guard us day and night
Leaving behind families and friends
Yes, the feelings that unfolded at Wagah
Border parade as flags got exchanged
A tribute to the friendship and tolerance
Religion is just a way to reach one God
Nation is the very lap of love of our existence
Salute and Love to my Nation- My Pride
May god bless all soldiers who guide!

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Brian Jani 13 May 2014

Thus is a good piece too umasree

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'The art of resting one's mind is something to be acquired. Changing ones' mental activity is certainly one way of resting; but the greatest possible rest is Silence' - The Mother OWM12: 29

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