Umasree Raghunath Poems

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My Nation- My Pride- Salute To India

National Month of Poetry – April 2014

Date: 1 April 2014
My Nation- My Pride

Ayiram peNmai malarattumE
Ayiram kaNgaL rasikkattumE
oruththiyin nenjsam oruvanukkenRE
sol sol sol.. thOzi sol sol sol

Happy Women's Day

As a woman I died several times in this life

But just being a woman, I had to courage to raise again

What My Husband Means To Me....

Loving, caring, sharing and everything
taking me as such and my anything
giving me love, hope and peaceful life
making me his charming young little wife

To My Dad, With Love!

Years pass by, silently into the serenity you left behind,
Tears yet shed, for having lost a wonderful dad,
a person known to be very kind,
Looking behind the two decades that slipped

Theemthananaa Theemthananaa Theemthananaa Theemthananaa

Theemthananaa Theemthananaa Thiranaa

Japan Tsunami And Earthquake 2011- A Tribute

The fury of Mother Earth.,
Devastating the planets precious lands
Succumbing to the devilish waves of sea
Where will the man go in calmness?

Deivam Thandha Veedu Veedhiyirukku- My English Translation

deivam thandha veedu veedhiyirukku
indha oorenna sondha veedenna njaana pennae
vaazhvin porulenna nee vandha kadhai enna

Fire! Fire! Fire!

This is the voice of a fire accident survivor!

Date: 10 April 2014

Making The World A Better Place To Live

Lend a hand
With fresh a mind
Showing the Inner Wheel brand
And being very kind

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