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Nassy Fesharaki 26 February 2014

Very nice, soft and sweet.

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Isaac Ray 02 February 2007

Some of your works are really great as well. =] thank you for the comments on some of my older works. I appreciate it a lot. =] bye bye

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Risha : Ahmed 28 September 2006

This poem is beautiful, just fantastic.

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The Best Poem Of prasanna kumari

(un) Beaten

Am waiting for you, my son
Between us time seems to stand still
I might have failed you, my son
Failed in transmitting love to fill

Once did tears stand like pearls
In my eyes, tenderness beamed
In my dreamy face(eyes) , a girl’s
Mirage, as wife, I a failure deemed

My mother, one for one and truly loveable
Suffering untold pain in life-giving joy
Gone now, but not gone her lullaby’s warble
I admit, ma, I am a beaten toy

My God, tender and kind, turned
His loving eyes towards me
I missed a beat, not responded
I feel a sense of failure deep within me

A teacher I am now, by chances strange
To kindle the spark of quest in you
Nay, shaped you not a burning flame-orange
Curse me not, my child, I am beaten like you

Sculptures I made with the clay of love
They turned out ugly or broke altogether
The sanctum sanctorum has no idol of love
Where I stand with my hands folded together
Offering tears of a beaten soul

Like the ripples of a smooth-flowing stream
My poems and myself have gone so far
Couldn’t you find your sweet day-dream
Reflect in my fancy’s silver-mirror for ever

Don’t you hear my silent songs
My sorrows are your sorrows too
My poems sing best of your pangs
As a poet I am not beaten true

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