Daddy's Little Girl Poem by Harry J. Couchon Jr

Daddy's Little Girl

Rating: 3.7

No matter how many years pass by
Daddy's little girl you always will be
My daughter my angel the apple of my eye
You're the most wonderful thing to ever happen to me

It's been years since I cradled you
Rocked you in my arms till you fell asleep
Those years flew by, as happy ones do
But I have all these memories to keep

Discovering the world eyes wide with wonder
Every day you made me more proud
Calling out to me when wakened by thunder
'Daddy come here' you'd cry out loud

I'd sit in your room to calm your fears
Waiting till you fell asleep again
My eyes were damp with happiness tears
I haven't felt that way since then

As you grew so did my pride
My daughter so beautiful so bright
Nothing could match the love inside
That I felt for you my angel my light

Then you grew up as young girls do
And the boys began to take notice
Not one did I think was good enough for you
But I knew you'd soon receive your first kiss

Daddy's little girls become women
And there's nothing a daddy can do
Except pray when it comes to men
That the right one comes along for you

Then comes the day to walk down the aisle
With me beside you to give you away
I'm losing my baby but I keep on a smile
Not to cast a shadow on your special day

For of all the riches a man can see
A diamond a ruby a pearl
My daughter is the one most precious to me
And will always be Daddy's little girl

1994 Harry J Couchon Jr

Holly Z 06 April 2008

aww that poem is awesome Nice way of saying all the events girls go through.

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Linda Ori 26 May 2008

Harry, this is beautiful. Not all dads tell their daughters how much they love them and how proud of them they are. I'm sure your daughter knows how lucky she is to have you for her father. Just keep telling her this - it never gets old! Linda :)

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Lacey Unknown 07 May 2008

your daughter is a lucky girl. I wish with all of my heart that my dad felt this way about me. ~Lacey~

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Ted Sheridan 26 April 2008

My daughter turns 21 years of age next week. She is everything a man could want in a daughter, smart, attractive, and just like her father....

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Patricia Gale 17 April 2008

I was a daddy's girl..... he taught me alot of things even to change oil in a car. Thanks for the memories Wonderful loving piece

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Greenwolfe 1962 08 April 2008

Harry that's exactly how I always wanted to feel. I'm 57 now, and I have no little girl to spoil and call my own. You know what I missed. You sir, are a blessed man. GW62

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