Father Daughter Moments Poem by Harry J. Couchon Jr

Father Daughter Moments

Rating: 2.5

My daughter said something the other day
We were sitting on the front steps, talking
Someone wanted to enter the building, she stood up and said 'we're just having a father daughter moment'

My daughter is still young, only 27
And hearing her say that, my heart swelled with pride
She still wants to have moments with her father
My adult daughter still needed me

So much is said about the mother-daughter bond
But there's an even stronger bond between a father and a daughter
No matter how old she is, she's still daddy's little girl
And he always wants to be there for her

Father daughter moments last a lifetime
From playground accidents to a broken heart
You do your best to help her pain go away
Because when she's in pain, you are too

Eliza Nahayo 25 April 2018

this is most certainly Beautiful

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Lacey Unknown 22 May 2008

I pray that I will one day find a husband who can give my daughter what you gave to your daughter... something my dad never gave to me. This poem was truly beautiful. It brought me to tears. ~Lacey~

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Rituparna Choudhury 21 May 2008

very much touching...good write: -)

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A B 21 May 2008

true indeed.....good one

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