To My Mother: An Elegy Poem by Alexander Raju

To My Mother: An Elegy

In the coffin you're laid lifeless,
And as I stand nearby realize,
The true depth and width of your love
And sacrifice you made for me!

I was tired of travel to pay
You a visit at your abode;
You came to see me on the day
Ofmy arrival from abroad.

Perhaps you had an intuition,
You couldn't wait for me but hurried
To meet me; you came, sat with me,
We ate and talked for a long time
And, even stranger, you sat closer
To take the last ‘selfie' together.

It seemed you were waiting for me;
The next morning you're admitted
In the hospital where we met
Just before your soul left this world.

Then I remembered many things
I wished to tell in your presence
And hoped to spend some more moments;
I thought you'd be forever with me.

Tears faded my eyes, I confessed,
My busy days prevented me
To serve you as much I desired,
And you gave a smile of pardon.

You gripped my hands as if afraid
To leave this world alone, perhaps,
You were dubious of a rebirth,
With me as your son, on this earth.

I was your first born, your dream child,
You broke your sacred virgin knot
To conceive me, I conquered your womb,
I settled, taking your life-blood,
Nay, you fed me with your fond dreams
As I grew annexing your body.

Perhaps your swollen belly turned
You ugly, with patience you bore
My weight and endured the travail
Of giving birth, to hopes cherished,
And became the first child to suck
Your breasts, slapping hard on your chest.

Weren't I a selfish exploiter?
It wasn't milk but true affection
You poured into me and I grew
To be able to stand on my feet;
You were giving me the energy
To face my long day on this earth.

Today, as you're laid down lifeless,
I realize how much you loved me;
I wish, if there's a second life,
Give me a chance to serve you better.

Sunday, December 30, 2018
Topic(s) of this poem: mourning
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