To My Poet Poem by Sam Pete

To My Poet

Rating: 5.0

Why insecure, my bonny lass
Why it’s the moment of rapture true
Time of recollection -
Beauty that ne'er was
And somehow here, all fullness
All so suddenly from fathoms deep
From the depths of time

But how - that only God on high can tell
“Nighttime sparkling
Wet leaves in yellow light
And feelings of eternity
Is all that is in sight”

It’s the life that ne'er was
And somehow somewhere here all the time
Begins to make its entrance all so new
Wet, drenched in the mist of loveliness
Bidden by beckoning rays of yon waning moon
And early morning sunlight

What ever can be is what we look forward to
In all of eternity, the vast canvass
Of the hopeful realms of future near

Agnes Török 11 November 2007

beautifully written, as I just told you I am delighted you put my words in that very sentence :) The future, the past, the present. All that is, have been and shall ever be is but an illusion, a golden rule to make our lives somehow meaningful, another god to belive in. Yet I am an atheist also in the subject od time. It truly brings out deep thoughts, this poem of yours. Thank you for sharing. All my best Agnes

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Malini Kadir 11 November 2007

I loved this! ....thank you for sharing is all to be said....

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Thad Wilk 10 November 2007

Awsome write Simon! ! A poem wonderful to read, indeed! A (10 plus) ! ! ! Thad

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