While You Can Poem by Sam Pete

While You Can

Rating: 5.0

There’s poetry in everything
In all the earth and sea
You have to just stop and see.

There’s poetry everywhere
If you just take time to care.

Every passing moment
Live it to the lees

- For when it passes by
It doesn’t come again.

Take time to live
Pause and gently pass
For seeming trifles
Can be potent turning-points.

Oh, forget the rush
Listen to the thicket
And the grass.
P a r t i c i p a t e...
In the life that’s around.

Relish while you can.
Whisper back,
Turn and look around.
Gaze, smile, talk,
All while you can

- While you still can.

Jemarie Ragudo 07 November 2007

I agree. Some of the greatest poems are about common things and scenery. It is not the subject but the poets perception and eye for beauty that matters. Thanks for reminding me. Perfect 10!

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Agnes Török 06 November 2007

This is exactly what I need to be told right now, thank you for your beautiful words, and your message shines through in every syllable. I can't say anything but that you've certainly got a gift. Never stop writing All my best A most dedicated admirer (but my friends call me Agnes) :)

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