To Rest Poem by Randy McClave

To Rest

Tomorrow, I might finish my quest
And then the next day after that, I might rest,
But, then I might not be that exhausted or tired
And money is what I truly have always desired.
So, who knows I might work a little bit longer
What doesn't kill the soul makes the back stronger,
And I still have children to raise and bills to pay
Probably until I am old, and feeble and grey.
But, I can wait for my excitement and my fun
As I will work hard until all my life tasks are done,
Until then into the bank my money I will save
Into my savings it will be my monetary grave.
So, I will work hard until the day that I can retire
Then my new life I can hopefully enjoy and sire,
With no bills to worry about or any children to raise
I will be so happy and joyful my retirement I will praise.
Then I can go out alone or maybe once again out on a date
Knowing then I can do what I want and then wake up late,
Then that one day I can finally put my desires and needs first
Then unto the working day I will not feel so tired and cursed.
I will finally be able to rest and to enjoy my life
Without any bills, or debt, or children, or wife,
My life and my destiny will be my own and no others
No work, no obligations, my own peace, relaxation and druthers.
I cannot wait until that day that I can stand and shout
To be secure from all my debts without any thoughts or doubt,
But, then out of fright I recall that one Biblical line from memory
"Tonight; you fool, your soul is required of thee"!

Randy L. McClave

Saturday, January 9, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: relaxing,retirement
Randy McClave

Randy McClave

Ashland, Kentucky
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