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To See Venice And Die

Rating: 2.8

I fully realise, my Lord
that I have been to Venice
but if you would not mind
please hold your horses.

I've yet to visit places that
you, in your generosity
have made for us during creation.
But let me tell you first

about the Rocky Mountaineer,
the Blue Train from Pretoria
to Kapstadt, oops, it is Capetown,
the Indian-Pacific goes
from Perth to Sydney and retour.

The Orient Express, from London
and here we go again, to Venice,
so I will schedule this one last
and settle in on what is known
as the Transsiberian Railway,
Beijing to Moscow, of all places.

They say that passengers must take
their living food supply like pigs,
and chickens, turkeys, even geese.

Those frequent incidents on tracks
that have seen better days and trains,
snow slides and other nice disasters
are to be figured in to any journey.

With any luck I shall be longer than expected
and then, before you call me home
there still is Venice, and after that? .

t. h. ashbury 16 September 2005

i've either missed the point, or this is devious fun. salut.

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Zunoon 27 June 2019

I beg to differ, I say, 'See The Kaba and Die'

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Mahnaz Zardoust-Ahari 17 September 2005

I have seen more than most people my age....but I still want to see more and I find myself bargining on some level everyday....nicely written!

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Mary Nagy 17 September 2005

Oh, I thought this was wonderful Herbert...I think many people find themselves bargaining with god for 'just a little more'. Very nice. Sincerely, Mary

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Herbert Nehrlich1 17 September 2005

Thanks Andrew, the title was the easy key to understand the meaning of the poem. Simple bargaining session with God about squeezing a bit more time out of him for myself. Have seen so many who want more days, even hours....just a few more. H

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Herbert Nehrlich1 16 September 2005

Would you mind reading it again? You will come across the attempt of postponement of the inevitable. Thanks for kind words. H

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