To Sleep Poem by vanessa feliciano

To Sleep

Rating: 5.0

To sleep is to escape
To feel free
Away from all that is real
In the comfort of ones dreams
but alas do not forget
where there are good dreams
there may also be bad ones
no one such person can ever escape
the power of fear
not even through sleep
for just as in life
there are good moments
and of course bad moments
thus is the way of life
an equivalent balance
for without fear one may forget
that they are even human
so do not take sleep lightly
for just as it can give happiness
it can take it away

David Mountain 14 January 2010

Nothing wrong with this Vanessa, it reads well and has good meaning. Some would say mine is an extreme view although it does express my own experience of sleep depravity well.Anotrher poem I've listed 'Foraken' gives another view on hidden fear perhaps you would like to look at that. Thanks for commenting. David

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James S Newcomb Lang 17 December 2009

I wish I could escape to my dreams, but there lies my nemesis. However, I'm pleased you can sometimes.

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giggling wonder 16 December 2009

yea this poem is very good and so true.

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