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My Best friend is the best thing that has ever happened to me
He makes me laugh
He sets me free
He makes me feel safe when he holds me tight

I am hidden away
Day after day
with no one to find me
and no other way


To be bound is a terrible thing
Locked from the world
where morning birds sing.
Racked with terror

To sleep is to escape
To feel free
Away from all that is real
In the comfort of ones dreams

Its to much for me
i cant handle your 'Love'
Why do you scream?
Why do you shout?

I'm changing
my heart turning to coal
changing into nothing
but a 'super massive black hole'

To be known is to be heard
through ears around the world
to be known is to be seen
by everyone in any way they please

Ive given up
on this thing called love
it hurts so deep
it steals my sleep

Sometimes we may forget
that we too are human
sometimes we may forget
that we walk as creatures on this land

He is the alpha wolf
Dangerous to my soul
He is seeping darkness
yet i need him more and more

I'm admitting that you hurt me
letting it out finally
I'm admitting that your lies
really did scathe me

'I've got some issues that nobody can see
And all of these emotions are pouring out of me
I bring them to the light for you
It's only right

You gaze at me
with your sad eyes
seemingly to be
as old as time

Even when I'm walking on a wire
Even when I set myself on fire
Why do I always feel invisible?
Everyday I try to look my best

Ringing in my ears
humming against my skin
so much to say
where do I begin?

Climbing the mountains
Braving the storm
Going the distance
facing fear in any form


I'm stuck inside a place
that isnt me
all day I'm forced to face
"Let it be"

Set me free
leave me be
why must everyone
look up to me

I'd give up forever to touch you
I'd give up my life for your smile
I'd kill for your love
even if just for a while

i feel maimed
Im bleeding love
trying so hard
but its never enough

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2 Sides Of The Same Story By Riley Rhodes And Vanessa Feliciano

My Best friend is the best thing that has ever happened to me
He makes me laugh
He sets me free
He makes me feel safe when he holds me tight
He makes me feel warm
Through stormy nights.
We share everything
Our clothes our beds
So this makes me wonder
What emotion has been fed?
I love him more than i ever thought possible
This love feels so strong
It feels unstoppable.
But is it the love that HE thinks it is?
Or is it the love
That's not meant to live?
I am breaking him slowly
I can see it i can tell
When i speak of others in my life
It puts him through hell.
I haven't made it that far with him
Not that intimate love
To me he's so innocent
Pure like a dove
So I don't see him as my lover
But I'm sure i don't see him
As my brother

I love her more than the heavens love earth
but she doesn't see
She never see's
I need her.
I'd die for her
Give my life for her
But she doesn't see
Iv chosen her over
My family heritage
Not even the binds of the Cherokee
Can stop my love for her.
My family will not try to stop me
They see my devotion
But...she never see's
She never see's
Must i scream it out?
Call it to the world?
Do i need to tell all
just for one to listen?
My family calls this...obsession disgraceful
...i don't care
Never have...never will
i need her like the deserts need rain
like the starving need food
Like the lost need the way.
Her love may be different but that will never stop me
Someday i swear
She will see
She will see

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Vincent Feliciano 11 January 2010

oh never mind, i see your from N. Carolina...i've been wanting to move to NC for the last few years but work and circumstances keep holding me back...anyway, i don't know of any relatives in NC but you never know...anyway thanx for the vote on my poem and keep adding to your poems, they're nice...

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