Keith Hardeman

Rookie (June 7,1982 / Fort Worth, Texas)

To The One I Could Never Forget - Poem by Keith Hardeman

To the one I could never forget the one I thought of but would never admit. SHIT, how did it come to this, Why can’t I forget. I reminisce take a drink thinking of her and where she may be. Thinking of the day that maybe oh the way we played on the court but she never noticed me. It could be I’m just a lonely heart trapped in the dark. But it’s been close to a decade now and these feelings have yet to depart. It smarts to know; I had you and let you go. How could I know? I guess I should of showed but a player getting played was never my way. So the feelings I feel shall stay; never put on display. I guess I can tell you how I feel, but this is my only way. I pray that one day my truest feelings truest ambitions shall come to pharition, but in the back of my mind it’s your love I missing. So long I’ve waited for them to subside. Years later and that moment has yet to arrive. I despise myself for holding my tongue for so long. But who out there can judge me. Am I wrong? I long for her and her tender touch, that enchanting smile that one I can call my lover but most of all my pal. Shall my fantasy ever be, asking myself in my solitary would she ever open her eyes and see. How the boy grew to a man, that man me. See I see the growth of a girl to a woman. All alone living in my world. Twirled memories play melodies in my head. And then I fantasize of you and I in bed. Try to detract them but again once more there they lead. Something I’ve yearned for for way to long. Laying in my bed alone for way to long. Picturing you next to me, the way it should be but could never be. For time has passed and took the one away from me. So maybe in my writings I can loss myself and find, that moment within a moment I’ve found. And in my fantasies this is what I’ve found. We clown around, fun like in yester year. Enjoying the moment that brought us here tonight. Right, despite the plight that we fight in our life’s, we enjoy each other and smother the frowns anticipating what could be going down. Now to sit here and lie and try not to think of all the ways I could please you. The ways I would do it, lost in the moment, my first chance to be true to it. Seeing that you knew but also ways afraid to say. How you enjoyed the way we use to play, skip school just to be, just me and you. Now here’s my moment with you for so long I’ve waited. Praying that everything goes right. All along knowing nothing could disturb this night. So I start with my right…hand… gently across the back of your neck, pull you close and feel our lips meet. Take my left and slide it from you shoulder to the small of your back. Look into your eyes and realize where I am at. Gently ever so gently dip you down to the bed that lays silky dressed, de-clothed your top and find my spot, its hot. But no sun in the sky. Perspiration starts as your legs part. Most would kill the lights, but I cant see that as being right. I’ve been dreaming for to long. I must remember this night. Nice white silky sheets are the back dropp when I stop and view down at a vision of loveliness, thinking in my head “how long I’ve dreamt of this”. I kiss you once more gaze into your eyes while the melodies play, all alone pondering how the candles are right, the fragrances right, the plight right, all night, RIGHT. And the kiss goes longer then suddenly my lips slide, to the small of your cheek, to the curve of your neck, to the taste of your breast flesh each taste greater then the last. Foreplay for hours every moment ours, the sweat starts to sour and I can see your longing. For the long extension of my passion, soon I find myself traveling the navel side of her where I’m going shall I disclose. NO. Whoa, it’s getting hot in here. And her is all that I hear. Her hands grasp my ears. I hear her calling “ you have no peer”, here……right here…..where I long to be for so damn long. And in the passion of the moment, I hear the phone ringing, Now I’m not thinking or rather I don’t care, but the more it rang the more she pulled my hair, Letting me know you bet not dare, so to ease her cares to put her mind at rest. I arch her hips lick my lips take the tip of my tongue and let it run along the pearl of this girl, that has captivated my every thought, lick after lick and this is what it brought, with such climax unmatched all the frustration from the years dispatched. Her sliding alone the sheets trying to retreat, no more room to run her back and the head board meet. Her feet laid clenched against the sheets and me oh me right where I should be, tasting heaven oh so heavenly and we. Shall we say play no longer childish, but in a adult type of way. Now the head boards rocking and the neighbors there steady knocking. Not for the end of the world, hell nah, were not stopping. Sweat dropping sheets getting wet, ten inches of love is all she felt, I knelt before her my face her thrown, and every inch of the palace I roamed. No longer longing with each stroke growing stronger and stronger and she steady singing, every passing caress my chest gliding across her breast the duress could hold no longer. She exploded and the entire world knows it. Drenched and wet, telling me she feels it in her chest holding me tight like I’m under arrest. Her nails carving my flesh, her lips on my neck legs wrapped around my waist. Hours more of this loving is what she faced. In the middle of the climax we embraced face to face. After so much longing we’ve found ourselves in this place. Of all places, the morning dew surprised us, to her beautiful face I awaked nothing in the world could ever replace the night I found my one true love. So what! I put it all on the line. Is that a crime, if so lock me up please throw away the key. After years of searching, I’VE FOUND WHERE I NEED TO BE….

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