Keith Hardeman

Rookie (June 7,1982 / Fort Worth, Texas)

Love And Basketball - Poem by Keith Hardeman

How do you tell your heart no, but it hurts to say yes. Just loving her causes so much stress. Must be the lords test, my first quest. For the first time in my life I feel as though Im not the best. She captures my thoughts more then the rest. Laying in the bed at night I envision her, all of her the embodiment of a woman mind body and flesh. Just to touch her would ease my mind, but I digress. My love and basketball, a Wisconsin test. So confused about these dating rules. How do you love one and hide your true love from the rest. I confess, to myself in my mind I guess in my on solemn way that she’s just a friend, from such a union could love ever be. But again I’ve lied to myself and to my heart. Because what Im feeling has yet to depart. So I lay awake at night wondering in the dark. My love and basketball. The way we laugh and play, the way being close to her brightens my day. The way she smiles releases my soul. A breath of fresh air. Were can this love go? I don’t know not sure if I even care. Take a leap of faith with my heart. Or let my pride over ride what I feel inside. I despise being in this position. So I sit here and cry, wonder why. My love and basketball, don’t act surprised. So hard to believe that someone so young could feel what my heart maybe saying. But denying the truth with myself Im only playing. Inside Im yelling so my ears can only hear. From the unsought of the feelings all I wanted was to hide this feeling. For she can’t be mine so it’s only time I’m stealing. What she’s healing? My opinion, of why love was something created for stealing. My self respect, my bravado my style. But the thoughts keep coming back. “She’s better then the rest”. But still I prescribe to simply dreaming and thinking, for the formula of my life today there can be no tinkering. But Wisconsin in Texas has me thinking. Steady blinking keeping my heart from thinking she could be mine but yet I know should I close the door, lock the windows. But I know the torment will never end. So I sit here once again, no solutionm therefore no end. My love and basketball, when shall it begin. No longer fun simply playing for a tie, when I only want to win. Tell me, someone please tell me, when will my love and basketball begin So the game can be on. No introductions no songs need begin, someone one please tell my, when will my love and basketball begin. Where her and I can only play. Just what we feel for one another growing more and more each day each play. Now you tell me yourself, how did it get this way. Where what I have keeps me from getting what I want. How can you fight the heckler, when its yourself that you taunt. Flaunting her style, beautiful lips has since touched my face, swore to myself to never wash that place. Place my hands in my hands. So the world can’t see my despair. All this for love, wondering to myself does she even care? Now Im aware that such words maybe all to subliminal. Long nights for something you want but inside you don’t,

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