Keith Hardeman

Rookie (June 7,1982 / Fort Worth, Texas)

Midnight Songs - Poem by Keith Hardeman

Midnight songs, a thong, something sweet yet eliquent played, speak. How long? Really I can't say. But I'm not going to stop dreamt about you all day time to make the night hot. So sway, just sway to the rythym of the midnight song. See I'm a firm believer, that when the moon sits amidst. Stevie Wonder 'Ribbon in the Sky', I told you, I dreamt of this. Yeah the midnight song. Singing and singing, let me take a minute, I want to feel what your thinking. So lets let the mood be made. A yankee scented candle, bubbles, honey rub pomade, roses for good measure, didn't know it could be this way? Let's make this moment last. Champagne in a glass, strawberries to tickle your glands. No need to worry; your in good hands. My hands find that spot that you let few take time to find, hold up, wait a minute, put this moment in rewind. When you walked through the door from a days hard work, let me give you a hand, let me loosen that skirt. I loved the way you kissed me, the way you asked what was I thinking. No need to ask twice, from the mood already set, you knew 'something nice'. The Midnight Song, 'Baby hold on to me, see Im a special kind, a love thats hard to find told you a thousand times, Baby hold on to me'. The midnight song plays as I stare into your deep gaze. Midnight song after midnight song, no more rewind time to bring this story into the present time. soft kiss on your neck the setting quite tranquil more roses on the bed, where I softly lay your head. Just want to kiss you all over, from feet to head. All over, yeah... thats what I said. Now my point of entry could easily; be your breast, to easy to get you hot I need a greater challenge, a greater test. So many arroganise spots, let me remember your anatomy. The toes; start low? SWV spoke to me. 'Downtown', 'thats the love you've been dreaming of.' 'downtown'. Anticipating all the things I will do to you, take the first step to release your emotions, take the road to ecstacy'. The midnight song, never wrong so the path is now set, upon arrival, so beautiful, so wet. Yet one touch and it gets wetter. This must be what the weather man meant when he said ' rainy weather'. Could be the rain streaming down the window? midnight song. Inside of you nice and slow. Not ready to succumb, not ready to let go, so I take a brief moment, turn up the radio. The midnight song, Aaliyah you already know 'Rock the Boat', 'forge up in me deeper', ' I want you to walk up in me deeper', ' right now we can coast, don't get in a hurry'. 'Rock the Boat', work the middle, new position, new position', listen, the midnight song. All night long. Just a appettizer. before the mission. Now for all reading wondering where I might go, well you have to wonder. I just closed the window.

The Midnight song.

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Poem Submitted: Thursday, March 27, 2008

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