To The Philippine Youth Poem by Jose Rizal

To The Philippine Youth

Hold high the brow serene,
O youth, where now you stand;
Let the bright sheen
Of your grace be seen,
Fair hope of my fatherland!

Come now, thou genius grand,
And bring down inspiration;
With thy mighty hand,
Swifter than the wind's violation,
Raise the eager mind to higher station.

Come down with pleasing light
Of art and science to the fight,
O youth, and there untie
The chains that heavy lie,
Your spirit free to blight.
See how in flaming zone
Amid the shadows thrown,
The Spaniard'a holy hand
A crown's resplendent band
Proffers to this Indian land.

Thou, who now wouldst rise
On wings of rich emprise,
Seeking from Olympian skies
Songs of sweetest strain,
Softer than ambrosial rain;
Thou, whose voice divine
Rivals Philomel's refrain
And with varied line
Through the night benign
Frees mortality from pain;

Thou, who by sharp strife
Wakest thy mind to life ;
And the memory bright
Of thy genius' light
Makest immortal in its strength ;

And thou, in accents clear
Of Phoebus, to Apelles dear ;
Or by the brush's magic art
Takest from nature's store a part,
To fig it on the simple canvas' length ;

Go forth, and then the sacred fire
Of thy genius to the laurel may aspire ;
To spread around the fame,
And in victory acclaim,
Through wider spheres the human name.

Day, O happy day,
Fair Filipinas, for thy land!
So bless the Power to-day
That places in thy way
This favor and this fortune grand!

Bernard F. Asuncion 08 August 2019

The youth are the hope of the future....10++++

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John Reyland M. Cinco 10 October 2018

Good and so touching but for me youth is now nothing, because they were our heroes but nowadays youth is the one who destroying our nation.

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Dang 21 January 2022

That's why, the Youth needs the nation (Support) Help the young people, they don't need criticism they need actions, they need someone who will educate them. To our elders/Parents and Guardians out there, educate us. Don't loss your hope in our Filipino Youth.

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Rose Marie Juan-austin 04 October 2018

A powerful write on youth. Highly motivational. Brilliantly penned.

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