Today, I Find Myself In... Poem by Vaibhav Simha

Today, I Find Myself In...

Rating: 5.0

Today, I find myself in the chasm of misunderstandings,
All because I did not bother about other's feelings.
Today, I find my friend's family suffer,
Only because I did not help them to recover.
Today, I find myself guilty of one's death,
Because I did not save him when he was on the verge of taking his final breath.
Today, I find most of my countrymen impoverished,
As I was foolish to be selfish.
Today, I find my planet die,
All because I helped her get covered under a smoky dye.
Today, I find that I'm no longer a human being,
Only because I did nothing while someone was eternally leaving.
Today, I find myself in a dream,
Because I no longer see my planet's sprawling fields green.
Today, I find myself in an oblivion,
As I ignored and insulted my neighbouring civilian.

And with this heartbreaking list,
I resolve to clear this terrible mist.
But I shall never forget my dear losses;
From now, I shall learn from my mistakes.
But as this statement remains true:
Time never returns but can change brown to blue.
I have to continue and forget my past,
So that the rest of my life does blissfully last

Saturday, October 14, 2017
Topic(s) of this poem: reality,suffering,wisdom
Valsa George 25 April 2020

In a world that has become so insensitive to others misery, this kind of a lament and a resolution can come only from a fine and sensitive heart! Even when we are in a comfort zone, we shouldn't fail to see the deprived! Beautiful poem with beautiful aspirations! This is above rating for a teenager! !

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Valsa George 25 April 2020

Today is the only truth! Grieving over past failings is wasting our time! Yet it is great to have such introspection! Only through finding our shortcomings and repenting over them, we will be able to start anew on a clean slate!

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Kumarmani Mahakul 14 October 2017

Find yourself in the depths of misunderstandings is really very amazing but thought provoking. This gives sufferings. But wisdom helps in realizing reality of life and helps in recovering from sufferings. Brilliant poem is wisely drafted..10

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