True Self Poem by Vaibhav Simha

True Self

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Does clothing make a man or does the colour of the skin?
Or is it the fame or the desire within?
No man has ever succeed with his self being fake
As your destiny lies in the mind which the god has perfectly made.

For there's no point in living your life
When you have the desire to live like others,
And no point of loving others
When you expect them to love you back like some others.

There's god above overlooking your journey,
All the waves and storms are just to prepare you against true agony.
Stop looking at others enjoying as they yet have to face
The currents turning into waves, vanquishing their trace.

It is the way of god to keep the future a secret
For it is your test to taste love and hatred.
As the good is recognised only when the bad is existent,
As it makes no difference in painting white on white.

There's no other soul similar to that of yours
And there's no other self that is similar to yours.
Then why dispose your uniqueness
For something that is already there and is worthless?

Love yourself as there is nobody else, who can feel your soul,
Nor there's anybody who can make you reach your goal.
Live a life like how you're destined to live
And reach heaven, and finally understand god and perceive!

Friday, March 23, 2018
Topic(s) of this poem: wisdom
Bri Edwards 30 April 2019

p.s. Vaibhav, re your questioning message about my restricted computer use? i (sometimes) follow my mate's orders for how to live my life, and her orders are to not use computer too much, fearing for my health, e.g. my eyesight. someday you may find out that being an does not make one able to always do as one pleases! ! bri :)

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Bri Edwards 30 April 2019

(cont.) 2 - " Then why dispose your uniqueness" .." dispose OF your" last stanza: delete first comma i'd type " Nor is there..." " Live a life like how you're destined to live" ...HOW does one do THAT? ? if destiny is a valid concept, how does one know what theirs is? ? ? you have tackled some interesting thoughts, but how well did you consider them? bri :)

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Bri Edwards 30 April 2019

1 - line 3: succeedED i neither believe in 'god' nor that human minds are made 'perfect'. MY mind is a PERFECT example! stanza 2: i disagree with both statements. one would not have to prepare for true agony if 'god' erased such stuff from Earth! so, i'm no longer a god-believer and you still are. we still can coexist and be friends as we are now here. :) (cont.)

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Dr Antony Theodore 23 March 2018

There's god above overlooking your journey, no other soul similar to that of yours Love yourself... the problem of the false self and the true self was always a concern of the poets, mystics and philosophers. you have brought it here in this poem.. thank you dear poet. tony

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