Together Forever Poem by Shayli Harris

Together Forever

Rating: 4.8

As the ocean crashes against the sand
You hold me closely, capturing my hand
Kiss me softly with such desire
And ignited my soul with passion and fire
Your gantle caresess on my back
Our body's melding like a train to a track
Perfectly we connect, our bodies entwine
Oh my baby i'm so glad that you're mine
The passion builds as the moment lingers
Your hand slides to my thigh and i feel your fingers
They sroke so gently, yet i feel so strong
That loving you could never feel wrong
People pass us by, but we dont really care
With a love this night, we're up in the air
Beyond cloud nine to the heavens we soar
The intensity inside us, hotter than ever before
With the water rushing in around our feet
The craving for each other is way more sweet
Then you pick me up and into the water we go
And you start making love to me ever so slow
Beautiful sensations tingle right through
As together we are longer two
I whisper in your ear and i tell you true
Forever in my heart...there will only be you...

Sandy Vanity 08 March 2009

thats beautiful. i love it. its sounds nice

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