Suicide Poem by Shayli Harris


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Emptiness can fill your life
I've been consumed by it for years
From being bashed by men i've chosen
To the solitude and tears.

Emptiness is like a cavity
It yearns to rot and decay,
Eventually your just and empty shell
And just wish you could fade away

Emptiness leads to depression
And then when your cold inside
You feel there's nothing left for you
Emptiness leads to suicide

Gutter Box 12 November 2008

Nice poem...i've been through the whole suicide ordeal...and sometimes i still think about doing it...but i've learned that there are people who care if u die...keep that in mind nice poem...maybe if u get a chance you can look at come of mine...thanks

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The Cobra 25 August 2008

Trust me wen i say this, i been there done that and wat u sed is how i felt at the time. keep at it

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Lacey Unknown 19 August 2008

You don't need to feel empty. I've been there. I was there for about three and half years and it was a long hard road, but I made it out. God can fill any void you may have in your life. I know it doesn't seem like it, but He really can. I'd like to encourage you to check out some of my poetry. I do have some like this one, but I also have more recent ones of what God has done to change my life. God Bless! ! ~Lacey~

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halloween Nightmare 23 June 2008

i like your poem alot of meaning it was put together well 10 out of 10

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this emptiness is small compaired to the emtiness of death, so cold, dark, and empty.

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Aarif Ameen 07 April 2009

i have read your this poem and liked it good luck take care

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Aarif Ameen 02 April 2009

nice work i liked it take care

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Heather S 26 March 2009

this is a wonderful poem about a not so great topic but great discribing it :) Heather S

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I am happy you are not empty.. but full of talent.. n intelligence

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Jerry Hughes 13 November 2008

Shayli, nothing is worth ending your life over, believe me! Cheers, Jerry

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