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This Depression

here i sit, and here i cry
my life has gone down the black hole of deep depression
my life has gone down to hell
so now i lie me, down to die
i have no reason to keep on suffering
my life is not worth living
i shall walk into the shadows and leave the sunshine deserted like me
you shall not find me amoung the others
for i shall be in the dark ally's of confused beings and far away
i shall join my fellow destroyed soul's
like the man whose feelings were swallowed by the dark black moon
this depression has caught me
like a cat with a bird in its claws of dispair
sometimes i feel like a disease is haunting me inside
i feel like a squashed soul-; shattered
happiness and joy gone forever
my life revolves around pain and sorrow
that's all i have to live by
my eyes are being deceived
the sun has disapeared
or did it never exist?
darkness summonds me out to do its will
never freeing these souls and i
soon i shall come out and seek revenge
on those who sent me down into depression
death so powerful
once you have it
you can't give it back
lost forever in an unknown universe
with the man on the moon

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