Too Much Patriotism Poem by Francis Duggan

Too Much Patriotism

When your Country's sport stars take the field you wave the National flag
And of your Country's greatness you never cease to brag
And the praises of your Nation's heroes you never fail to sing
Though too much patriotism can be a dangerous thing.

You instill in your children the need for National pride
Tell them of the brave young soldiers who for their Country died
Far from their Towns and Cities in places far away
And the young and impressionable hang on to every word you say.

They too wish to be soldiers and do their Nation proud
And prove themselves in battle where the gunfire echoes loud
And they too will be heroes and their praises will be sung
And they believe you when you tell them only the good die young.

Respect for long dead heroes you never fail to pay
And you always wave your Country's flag on War memorial day
And you always cheer the loudest when National pride is at stake
And you must act the patriot for patriotism sake.

That the bravest die in battle you firmly believe
But when the mothers of the war dead for their lost soldiers grieve
They do not care if others their children's praises sing
And too much patriotism can be a dangerous thing.

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