Too Open You Poem by Michael Walkerjohn

Too Open You

Rating: 2.0

IAM inclined
to entrap your days
to enhance the ways, you
are each programmed… Inclined
to entrap all of your yesterdays, your
tomorrows, your movements, thoughts
sorrows, and manipulate the ways your
mind sways… IAM within your thoughts
those ones that drift through and flow
away, flow away with your perception
and your perfection, and your power.
However, IAM; that second guessed
guest never recognized at first, yet
upon a further glance, IAM worth
that chance that you will to take
the chance that does so affect
each decision you do make, to
change all those decisions that you
did, in your life previously make… Are
you yet second guessing that this is a better
situation; than you making any further decisions
by your own little lonesome self? Do you think that
you can continue to hide in that secret safe haven
within the calm of your self in this, this moment
of personal enlightenment as to the present
condition of your life's predicaments that
lead you to this point, this time, this true
reconditioning of what it is that comes
from your heart, your thoughts, your mind?
You do realize that all of those codes are closed
all, of the previous hidden thoughts, and actions, and
activities are ousted and outed and now are being shouted
out; to all of the universe? Do you trust me, explicitly on
this do so trust me, and spare me, any questionings and
any pleadings, and all of those ‘crocodile tears' coming
from those baby blues and that sly smirk on those plush
ruby red lips; IAM 'so hip' to all of those tricks! Your
words, your everlasting worth, your life to use; truths
you do already know, results that you have come to
realize the world you declare in your heart, mind
and soul can end the brokenness, end your
weakness that entraps you…
Surprise your souls, and feel the
way; the way towards each other. Feel the
way to each seeking to reach for the truths you
think. To arise to and to better develop intuitive
trusts. To bring to the forefront of your lives your
‘given will', to relax and allow ‘me' to improve the
ways I use you… The ways I push you and the ways
in which I; mend you. To each of you, IAM asking
that you become prepared for me; too open you.

Monday, July 25, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: thoughts,perception
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