' Total Freedom ' Poem by Margaret Alice

' Total Freedom '

Rating: 2.7

Read the philosophical question: Does something exist
if nobody is experiencing it - a Walkman playing when
nobody with earplugs is listening, illustrates it is com-
pletely irrelevant to wonder whether something exists
if it is not experienced by us

I am totally happy to believe that a superconsciousness
experiences everything real and imaginary - therefore
infinity means all possibilities, probable & improbable,
can and does exist in this and all alternative universes
that we are able to visualise

Once we accept there are no boundaries except those
we set ourselves, once we believe the rules governing
our own universe are not universally applicable – and
relativism means all experience is limited by context
and situation, therefore changing these

Means each set of circumstances is subject to its own
set of rules or could be completely free; we cannot pre-
determine the answer to every possible question, life
will always pose a mystery, a puzzle, an unending
quest - this realisation sets us free

From all limitations imposed by other minds and
external powers; we all have unlimited freedom to
decide what we admire, believe and desire, nobody
can ever prescribe or decide for us – this defines
our total freedom!

Margaret Alice

Margaret Alice

Pretoria - South Africa
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