Touch Of Sin Poem by Katellyne Baker

Touch Of Sin

It started lovely..we were happy.
Things went well...
A little too swell,
but not even i could tell...
that you had this planned.
Little did i know,
that you...
had a Touch Of Sin.

You sent me what felt like righteous love,
with the disguise of crimson roses to hide,
but little did i know when i was on the ride...
that it was a simple
Touch Of Sin in which you have been committing.

We came only so close to touching hands
pressed up against melting glass,
until the melting glass became but
an hourglass, with blood pouring to the other side,
blindly telling me our time was running out.
Little did i know that your words were
nothing but A Touch Of Sin.

I loved your lies with my all.
There was nothing more i could give...
Nothing at all.
Once it's too late, it's too late to take
the Regretful sins on passed your deep grave,
deeper then the depth in which your soul drowns...
drowns in such beautiful sin.
Little did i know what i had done to you.

Love wasn't. the anger, rage, regret, nor memory in which we falsely shared..
but shameful sin it's self.
I take your hand and drag you down to hell
to dance with me,
only to seek reflection of the bloodiness of your inhumanly soul,
in which is now mine...
Little did you know
i fooled you.
Little did you know that i was
playing along,
in wolf in sheep clothing...
Little did you know...

You were my touch of lustful sin.

Katellyne Baker

Katellyne Baker

Oxnard, Calirfornia
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