Tough Streets Of Chicago Poem by rico avila

Tough Streets Of Chicago

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Tough streets of Chicago, you made me who I am.
Tough streets of Chicago, for me you had a plan.
You forced me to observe, what kids my age did not.
You taught me to look and see, always looking for a plot.
You taught me to react, and kept me on my toes.
You taught me to examine, the actions of my foes.
You forced me to react, in situations dire.
You made sure I would function, when I came under fire.
You made sure I was tough, made sure I'd understand,
the skills that I would need, when I joined uncle Sam.

Tough streets of Chicago, I almost went insane.
Tough streets of Chicago, you caused me so much pain.
You made me grow up fast, always dodging death.
You made me run from danger, could hardly catch my breath.
You took most of my friends, why, I'll never understand.
You made it possible to count, all my friends on one hand.
You took them in their teens, you took them very young.
You took them way before, to live they had begun.

Tough streets of Chicago, my tour is almost up.
Tough streets of Chicago, with your gangster posting up.
Tough streets of Chicago, can't get you off my mind.
Tough streets of Chicago, I miss those streets of mine.
Tough streets of Chicago...............................

Naidz Ladia 16 January 2009

my gosh, ...what a wonderful lines you have rico....maybe u r a military? 'u taught me the actions of a foe'' described in details the streets that u want to s well penned-well lined of tough words....ths poem s a good start of yours, , , ths s a very beautiful poem...keep on writing, u have skills in ryhming and u hve a very alert mind..i like the way u write thz lines of urs, , , CHEERS... naizz

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Troy Ulysses Davis 06 August 2013

Nice urban ode. Glad you survived to write it.

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Elecia Taylor 26 February 2013

yea we survive but everyone doesnt get that chance.these streets aint no game out here, we look over ours day nd night ready to bust any nd everything that comes in way. coming from the southside 100s there is no love nd we were taught to show no love; but we stay chief warriors till the we die...nd we die! rip Chi. City

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Alexandra Hernandez 02 October 2012

Perfectly explains growing up on the South side of Chicago. I love it.

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Chloe Francis 10 March 2010

Hey, no lie man. I grew up there when it was bad, on the South side. It's tough, but we survived, right?

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Riya Riska 07 April 2009

Tough street of chichago bring u so much pain.. Took ur friends, ur funs, ur teens, etc.. But look! Now u have your uniform instead! -nice written dear Rico.. I like u.. Mmm..your poem I mean! Hehehe..

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