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I am the only child of my parents, ..sometimes naughty but kind hearted, sensitive and emotional..Music is my only outlet when am happy and when am down. When i got married, i thought, it was the happiest moment i ever had.but we can't stop the call of death.he passed away last april 2008.Tho life s very empty but i have to move on..laughters are still here brought by my angels..Even if there are times i felt am down, Allah always lift me up..Aside from friends and relatives, God knows best.. Now, by the help of these site, i could express my emotions thru making poems..Hope this will make me inspired while spending few DAYS in my life..coz, soon, ill be least am happy and satisfied sending some expressions from my heart and become inspiration of others..GOTTA GO....CHEERS...THERE IS ALWAYS A GOOD TOMORROW FOR A GOOD LIFE..)

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Nik Ahmad Fariq 10 June 2009

Nice poem. i can feel what your message is about. nice job naidz! keep writing!

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Faran Khalid 17 May 2009

Very nice poem well done keep it up read my new poem 'DON'T GIVE UP' and also 'MEMORIES'

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Eyan Desir 13 April 2009

Well, Her poems are Sweet And I enjoy reading them I hope she keeps Writting

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