Traveling Companion Poem by Bill Galvin

Traveling Companion

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The sight of the dawn light peering through the trees of our back lot;
The chirps of the chickadees yearning for spring outside our windows;
The appearance of first buds poking their way to the sun;
The freshening aromas of our flowers and grasses as they reawaken.

The sound of the tea water boiling on our stovetop;
The comfort of the warm aura of the home we crafted together.

The warmth that is love and family and acceptance;
The gratitude for a wonderful journey down many highways and back roads.

The shoulder to weep upon.

The hand to hold.

This is why I want you home, my dear, for our one last trip together.

Feb 25,2014
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Traveling Companion
Wednesday, December 31, 2014
Topic(s) of this poem: dying
Deborah, my wife of 31 years, my partner for 10 years before that,
was diagnosed with ALS in winter of 2014. She had battled Lupus and its many complications since 1978 and had a kidney transplant in 1996. Still, we traveled... hiking, camping, exploring many beautiful National Parks in the US and Canada. Driving cross country many times, once to Alaska and back via the Alcan Hughway, we were the best of traveling companions, always willing to take a dirt road to a little explored area in the mountains or deserts or at the shoreline.
Untamed Heart 11 May 2016

A good poem to dedicate to a great companion in life.

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Untamed Heart 11 May 2016

Yes sir. I stand corrected. The greatest indeed. Best wishes to both of you.

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Bill Galvin 11 May 2016

The greatest... thank you very much.

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Khairul Ahsan 02 May 2016

The poem touched me. Thanks for the Poet's Notes. You two look like a lovely pair of birds.

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Bill Galvin 09 May 2016

Thanks so much for that.

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