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" Timestamps and Timepieces" - 2018 -
" Reflections on a Moon" -2016-
" Musings and Reflections" -2017-
" Ripples" (Haiku, etc.) -2017-

Bill Galvin Poems

Reflections On A Moon

A bright, clear and cold night…
The near full moon setting low in the winter sky,
Illuminating the bare tree branches;
Casting ghostlike shadows on the snow;

Gusts Over Fifty

The wandering gusts of winter wind
Repeat and follow and reply
And flow over the tops of the forest
Of this dark night's bare branches,

Around The Pond

Does this feel good or what?

Good to be back in these Acadian hills,
Touching these granite rocks once again…

Words Cannot Express

A slow turn of her head away from me,
Her eyes gazing at nothing in particular.
She turns back and with a brave face says,
'This may be something really bad.'

To Our Unparted Spirits

To Our Unparted Spirits…

Do you remember those first few years?
Every day was so bright and new?

Bill Galvin Quotes

27 March 2015

Beginnings and endings, Both part of the same.

05 April 2015

Nothing on earth lives and dies for no reason.

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