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Around The Pond

Rating: 4.8

Does this feel good or what?

Good to be back in these Acadian hills,
Touching these granite rocks once again…
Immutable, immovable, forever, and silent.
I am between the mountains after-season,
And I have these trails to myself today,
Except for the red squirrels squawking,
As I pass through their territories
And interrupt their winter packing.

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Thursday, November 12, 2015
Topic(s) of this poem: nature
Kim Barney 20 September 2016

Bill, a wonderful poem! I love being in the hills as you described here. It was easy to picture myself in your place. You have brought back fond memories of similar times and places. Thanks, and congrats on poem of the day!

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Denis Mair 14 March 2019

I like the way you notice Nature's layered brew of scents... her shifts of light and shade... as you yield to the sense of being nurtured and unfolded. It's interesting that you use breaths to mark the rhythm of steps. I do that in my poem ON A HILL ABOVE YUCHI TOWNSHIP. In my case, my outbreaths coincided with every other step of my left foot, because the hill was pretty steep.

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Glen Kappy 19 October 2016

bill, just reread this poem. a few things: i like tiny streamlets funding this pond- a simple, unusual, and descriptive verb choice. years ago enjoying a leisurely several-month break after graduating college, i used to circle a pond in prospect park in brooklyn, new york. i was drawn to it, and for a reason i could not explain it made me think of jesus and his galilee. the gratitude for a special time in nature comes through in your poem. for a similar feel, you might enjoy my poems snail mornings and after all-day hike. peace. glen kappy

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Bill Galvin 20 October 2016

Thank you, Glen... Prospect Park, Brooklyn, has a small place in my memory, too. And thanks for the appreciation. I will check out your work. Peace.

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Subhas Chandra Chakra 20 September 2016

The memory of smells… The smells of these waters, this forest, the lichen, The hills themselves formed by glaciers Thirteen thousand years ago… You can smell ancient natural unchangedness… You can sense the walkers centuries before us. Beautiful work. Nicely written poem. Thanks for sharing the poem.10 for it.

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Bill Galvin 26 September 2016

Thank you, Subhas. Much appreciated.

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Madathil Rajendran Nair 20 September 2016

A beautiful, captivating poem. The reader feels as though he/she has been there because the poem remembers a past which everyone harbors deep inside the coves of one's heart. (10)

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Bill Galvin 26 September 2016

Thanks, Madathil. A great analysis.

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Mizzy ........ 20 September 2016

You capture a deep sense of appreciation and healing......Beautiful read!

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Bill Galvin 26 September 2016

Thank you for reading and appreciating, Mizzy.

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