Tribute To Isro On Chandrayan 2 Poem by Thinker Shah

Tribute To Isro On Chandrayan 2

We can't win them all, we may end up losing some
Interim failures shouldn't make you gloomy or glum

Once in a while, we may not be able to hit our goal 
Let that not dishearten you or make you feel small 

Though the mission has come under a small cloud
We're indebted to you and of your efforts very proud

Whole nation today stands with you resolutely firm  
Success or failure is always measured long term 

Haters and traitors will with you find many a fault
Ignore these jokers, take 'em with a pinch of salt

Setbacks like this shouldn't wreck you or shatter 
Your efforts count and the results just don't matter

During this crucial hour of transient grief and shock 
Even the PM stands with you like Gibraltar's rock 

Every small reversal will deject you and depress 
However failure's next step invariably is success 

This is not the end or time for the song of the swan 
The darkest hour they say is just  before the dawn 

Learn all those lessons that this experience brings
Show the world it is never over till the fat lady sings 

Your next attempt -which we know will be very soon
Will make India proud and we will be over the moon

Saturday, September 7, 2019
Topic(s) of this poem: failure,moon
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