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Shivaji Maharaj

It was dark and gloomy 17th century, India's fortunes were on the wane
Mughals, Sultanates, Portuguese had carved the country writhing in pain

Loot, rape, plunder and pillage, every village was in a state of chafe

An Ode To Panipat 3

When India in suppliance bent, shivered seeing Abdali's scourge
From distant Deccan a gritty and dauntless people did emerge

While the 'great' Mughals trembled seeing invincible Durrani's power

An Indian Taxpayer's Pain

Sucked in a vortex by fate, I often sit back and think

To how many more nadirs can the life actually sink

Pulwama Massacre - Pain Of The Nation

Home they brought our forty six warriors dead
Most carried home after piecing shred by shred

The nation watches in shock and impotent rage

Pulwama Revenge - Limerick

‘Sic semper tyrannis' said twelve souls brave
Paid back to the neighbour nasty and knave
Traitorous bleeding hearts call it an act of war
Untouched by 40 deaths and a river of gore


Limericks are poems pithy and punny
Short, terse and always on the money
Some are bawdy and some are neat
The bawdy ones you cannot tweet

Tribute To Isro On Chandrayan 2

We can't win them all, we may end up losing some
Interim failures shouldn't make you gloomy or glum

Once in a while, we may not be able to hit our goal 

Seven Brave Souls

My poetic tribute in ballad form to Prataprao Gujar -the trusted Commander-in-Chief (सरनोबत) of Shivaji Maharaj's army who on this day (24th February) died at the battle of Nesari charging at the army of Bahlol Khan whom he had pardoned earlier.

When Shiva launched his Swaraj fight,

हम कागज़ नहीं दिखाएंगे

देश के टुकड़े  टुकड़े  वाले नारे  हम जोर शोर से  लगाएंगे
बस और ट्रैन हम फूकेंगे पर फासिस्ट आप  ही कहलायेंगे
कितना भी आप जोर आजमा लो हम कागज़ नहीं दिखाएंगे

Fighting Corona Virus

A rogue nation aspiring to wear a new crown
Turned the entire world totally upside down

A tiny pesky virus which none of us ever sees

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