True Poetry In Limelight Poem by King Femi Oloidi

True Poetry In Limelight

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True poetry is filled with;
true inspiration,
true expression,
true composition,
true fun,
true wisdom,
and true spirituality.

True poetry; deeply translate its true expression to the readers,
providing an unusual mutual extension which connects and familiarize its profuse massages to the reader.

True poetry has great powers of profundity
and unadulterated knowledge.

I keep hearing the saying; ‘plenty poetry lay in the graveyards'
but I don't give into that, because;
true poetry is like a moving destiny, its never lost or buried away.

No matter how beautifully engraved the grave is;
it must surely resurrect and be discovered in another creative beloved beholder.

True poetry never rest in tombs,
that's why it continuously itch thumbs and tongues until it is spoken or wittingly actualized.

True poetry, never frustrates a reader,
It's an excise which lustrates the brain and feelings.

Even if a poetry tries to depict political damnation, poverty, heartbreak, dearth/death, illness, or hunger,
it should always portray wondrous lesson or a revival mission.

True poetry makes you everything you want to be.

you can surely write your life the way you want it to be,
because your destiny is in your true poetry.

This poem was inspired by my numerous years of trying to find my writing grounds. I noticed that the more we grow, was the more we learn and learn. That just the theory of life. If one is not ready to learn, the person can never earn.
Neela Nath Das 12 November 2012

The desire to learn anything must come right from our heart.Your description and definition of true poetry is really superb!

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Valsa George 05 November 2012

Yes, true poetry has to inspire and enliven hearts! As you believe, it has to be perfected in years and through continuous effort! You have the innate potential to bloom into a great poet! All best wishes!

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Vikrant Jog 01 November 2012

Accepted... Good creative thing read... Like it

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