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I saw her eyes,
That day,
Drowning in emotions,

When I saw in her eyes,
That day I recollected,
Recollected the time,
I had spent viewing me,

From that day,
We parted away,
Tell me...
You never missed me,

Every second I crave,
For new substance to play,
Every second a new Avatar,
Intelligence of my subconscious,

I left away that city,
And just walked to this place,
What a midnight of despair,
Walking alone on the beach,

It is me,
And just me,
In the thoughts,

From the cliff,
Where I live,
Flows a waterfall,
Makes its way,

These days,
Have become,
The days,
Left in lament,

Wishing everyone my happiness,
I embrace your sorrow,
The dead civilians from Baghdad,
Too are my brothers,

In the outer mess,
Subrogated insight,
Winds of emotions,
Flow up,

The eyes that I saw,
Which I never saw,
Where the lake of love,
Which is a mere feeling,

In the clumsy room,
Was left a sick fellow,
In lament,
For the deeds,

The glass of ale,
And smoke in hand,
The bosom of madness,

Somewhere in the woods,
There she stood,
Tipper-Tapper rain drops,
Nurturing blazing crops,

The disturbing lone,
The thoughtless fake,
The emotional tone,
For my own sake,

Once I traveled down her's happy steps,
So in, So deep,
I went still deeper,
And there I found a grave,

Fake spiritualists drive me irate,
Disturbances kill the natural flow,
People procrastinate,
The word puzzles embedded with highly spiritualistic quotes,

Mind is very beautiful phenomenon,
It thinks what we want it to,
If something is sensed being negative,
It provides us the complete chain of how those things could be perceived of being negative,

An individual loved to travel,
A traveler, a sack, cigarettes, shoes and tracker denim,
Moved down his alley,
Smooth, rough, tough, dirty road,


Wasting the time as having it in lots,
Surely hating the advisory, bloody white hair knots,

Possessing the quality of turning other's feelings humorous,

Vikrant Jog Biography

Nothing as a biography. I am a student of commerce, have liking for poetry and literature. Just want to improve and depict maturity in the poems.)

The Best Poem Of Vikrant Jog

That Melted Ice-Cream...

I saw her eyes,
That day,
Drowning in emotions,
I can't forget those days,
When we walked hand in hand,
Those days,
Gloomed in overcast love,
The days,
When we completed each other,
And now,
All is gone,
Did my love felt short?
That day,
We met for the last time,
That ice-cream that we purchased,
Which melted,
Like we did in tears,
Thank You…
I will live with these memories,
You be happy…

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