' Truly Grateful ' Poem by Tina Marie Clark

' Truly Grateful '

Rating: 2.7

I'm taking time out Jesus to acknowledge
all the blessings you've seen fit to send
my way

Thanks - for waking me to see another day
although last night I forgot to pray

Thanks - for all the good food you've allowed
me to eat, and for the roof over my head
for the cloths on my back and shoes on my feet

Thanks - for shielding me from self destruction
when I was falling apart, you kept me together

Thanks - for giving me a conscious that makes
me say sorry when I'm wrong, it tells me help
those without food or a home

Thanks - for the fear of you, that's planted in
my heart, because this alone should set
the good and the bad apart

Thanks - for the rough roads I've walked
and teaching me to ignore the gossip
and negitive talk

Thanks - for the friends even those that didn't
last thanks for my future and my past

Thanks - for helping me finally realize, that you're
in charge and providing me with more than

Thanks - for catching the tear drops I cry, and
for reminding me never let my dreams die

Thanks - for the prayers you answers daily and
for not letting the insane drive me crazy

Thanks - for my family which surrounds me, and
for the brave soldiers who keep us free

Thanks - for helping me realize this world is two
fold, that everything glitters ain't gold, that it's
not a curse it's a privilege to get old

Thanks - for giving me a loving soul, I know
I'm not worthy of your love, yet you look
pass my faults and see my needs for this
I'm Truly Grateful Indeed! ! !


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