' War Games ' Poem by Tina Marie Clark

' War Games '

Rating: 2.6

Who shot the first rocket
really doesn't matter does it?

Who suffered the first casualty?
the answer doesn't flatter, does

How much blood's been splattered?
in the air is chit chatter, codes and
doors shut tight, locked forever closed
well to the public for sure

Leaders leading us in the wrong direction
taking no constructive criticism, hearing no
objections, families being torn apart, how can
we tell the difference between two exposed hearts?

Flags folded neatly, words chosen carefully, discretely
sons lost in the mayhem, daughters never to be seen
again, the cause has yet to be defined, while the
lives and limbs disappear, from roadside mines

The news report 65 souls in one month alone, why
isn't that enough to bring them home? how can
they fight and win, that which they can't see, would
our leaders deploy their children? ask and see

Oil, oh did I mention Oil? Is there any honesty left
in this world? a Pandora's box has been unleashed
too much grief from Iraq's streets, what a crooked
hand we were dealt, is this war all about wealth?

Shame on those who know it is, have they ever thought
about those who died, probably wanted to live? I know
it's not politically correct to say these things, yet we desperately
need a change, because let's face it, no one wins at 'War Games'

Copyright: 2007

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