Trump's Choice Poem by Randy McClave

Trump's Choice

Trump chose to sleep with Stormy
When he was married and very horny,
He alone decided with her to have sex
Even though he was married and also had an ex.
Trump then chose to pay her off
With a wink and his lawyers scoff,
He had paid to have sex with a prostitute
It was his own constitute.
The investigation started while Trump was president
While at the White House he was the resident,
That's when all wanted to know the facts and truth
That's when the media became a sleuth.
A Grand Jury decided to prosecute Donald Trump
Because, of the hush money he paid to hump,
Then, he was indicted
For the lies and schemes he created and incited.
The Defense had just as much to say in picking the jury
Unto the Republican's lies, and also Trump's lies and fury,
The jury then found Donald Trump guilty
His soul and actions they found was illegal and filthy.
It was not Biden, not the judge, or the judges daughter
Who caused Trump to sin and cheat and to lie and falter,
Trump alone did the crime
So, Trump alone must pay his deeds with money and time.
When saying Trump's guilty conviction is political remember this!
If the true stories you had ignored or did dismiss,
If you would open up your ears and eyes to read and see
They are coming after a criminal, and not you or me.

Randy L. McClave

Randy McClave

Randy McClave

Ashland, Kentucky
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