C.F. Wilkins

Rookie (April 4,1949 / Spartanburg, SC)

Truth's Conquest - Poem by C.F. Wilkins

Behold, if you will, a large battlefield
Where two warriors square off to fight.
One is clad in treacherous darkness,
The other in dazzling bright light.

The warrior in darkness whose name is Lie,
Sneers at his foe in light,
'You're going down, Truth, for I have power
And I'm going to win this fight!

I'll use all weapons that I have.
I'll even pretend to be you!
I'll be crafty to beguile all souls,
Even the ones that are true.'

'You'll never win! ' Truth proclaims
In a voice of strong assurance,
'For you don't know Me, nor those who
Trust Me in the faith of long endurance!

I stand here on a firm foundation
While you stand there in mirey clay.
The souls that love Me will live forever,
For I shall live and never go away! '

So, the war rages on the battlefield of life
And the souls who travail there make choices.
Some choose Lie while others choose Truth,
As they hear both beckoning voices.

The war's been going on through the ages
And Lie does all that he can
To destroy lost souls who love Lie's goals
And won't choose that which is grand.

With violent explosions of hatred and murder
Lie spreads darkness all over.
Yet, when it seems that he will reign supreme,
There are things he can not cover:

Hearts so pure, they're able to endure
The afflictions of Lie's mean attacks.
Their voices cry out, 'Truth, where are You?
We know Your strength is not slack! '

'I am here! ' Truth's voice rings out
In total domination.
'I am here to give life forever to
All who accept My salvation!

Lie can't win! You see he has an end
And he's sinking down into the deep,
Where the fire burns hot and the souls
He destroys the fire will forever keep.

If I'm cast down, I'll get up again,
Undaunted, unscathed and sure.
If even once I died, yet I am alive,
From everlasting my soul is pure!

My name is Truth, the victory is Mine
And I shall never be defeated!
My light shines brightly and I fight valiantly
While My mission is being completed! '

So Truth's light shines forth in brilliant radiance,
Cutting through the darkness and deceit.
Then, shattering Lie's power, Truth casts him
Down into the deep fire in complete defeat!

C.F. Wilkins

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