Tryna See Poem by Frankie Stones

Tryna See

Its more of a rap than anything

Tryna see through your eye's
And despite
I want every inch of you
Can’t think what to do
All I wanted was the truth
Dunno what made me think I could be the one
Things are so coming so far undone
But this battles just begun
I thought as a kid it would be fun
To walk with a knife and a gun
But I lost the only ones I wanted
The only ones I needed
Stood here bleeding the truth
I don't need the prove
It’s under every roof
With the lies
And guys
Who say
All the things
That you wanna here
The end is near
N now I see it it’s clear
I always wanted you here
With me and no one else
Don’t wanna be by my self
I love you
I always have
Why did our love go bad?
And now it's the only thing I have
Left to fight for
To die for
I'd give up everything
Just to have the chance
To show that I've changed
And I’m not the same
As I was back then
All the way back, when
I was gang member
And I would let my temper
Get the better of my life
And it made me lose my wife
And now I despise
Everything I became
And have become
Cause I have nothing
And the only thing that I wanted
I lost
A long time ago
And I know
It’s my fault
Just can't live with the guilt
And the blame
I never wanted all the fame
That I got
It’s not fair
I don’t care
About the money
All I want is my baby girl
Back here with me
Where she was meant to be
And there's only me who see's
The pain I caused
The chaos I involved them in
And neither side could ever win
And we both lived in the dim
Light of the shadow we called life.

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