Good Bye Poem by Frankie Stones

Good Bye

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Each time you say good bye,
It gets harder,
It’s the not knowing,
That’s the worse part,
Not knowing when,
Or where you'll see them again,
Your heart cries out to theirs,
But theirs has no answer.

The pain burns,
Leaving your heart as ashes.
The worst pain is seeing,
The look in your lover’s eye's,
When they make a promise,
That they don’t know they can keep.

This never gets easier.
Who knew it could be so hard,
To say two little words.

Evaughn Gray 18 August 2007

true..very hard to say good bye to the ones you love..and never getting to see them again..~hazel

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J M Basey 20 August 2007

Oh this is so true, it's so hard to say goodbye, I've wrote many a poem on the subject of goodbye, in fact one of my latest poems is entitled 'Nothing Good About Goodbye'. I would like your feedback on that one if it's ok? Feel free to check out the rest of my writings whenever you like. Take care, Jay x x

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Joseph Daly 20 August 2007

aken by the theme and language of this Frankie. There are too many of these sort of 'teenage angst' poems.That is what maks it a bad poem. The language is too commonplace, too ordnary and too cliched. Now what makes this a good poem is the structure of it. I suspect that you have a natural feel for pacing and rythme. It shows well in this. try to move out of the apparent autobiographical and try working on metaphor and simile. Read more poetry and grasp it. You have a good flair for writing and you could really develope that.

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Random Crap 23 August 2007

Wow this poem is truly beautiful Frankie, i loved it.

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Lesley Farrow 23 August 2007

I agree with Andrew Wilkinson honey Good Bye are the hardest words to say whether it be to a lover or a friend or even a part of life that you move on from. x

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Meredith Barr 22 August 2007

Whatever happens to you Frankie and I mean whatever happens, you will keep living and loving. You won't believe it at the time but you'll love forever and a day sweetheart.

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Andrew mark Wilkinson 20 August 2007

The hardest words indeed, well written Frankie and so well said...10

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David Barlow 20 August 2007

You are expressing your feelings well Frankie and I see nothing wrong with Teenage or any other Age groups angst expressed in words rather than bottled up anger and resentment. Just keep writing you have a talent it will develop with you. A good Poem, thank you for sharing it. David

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