Tsosingo Abu Dhabi Poem by emebet mesfin

Tsosingo Abu Dhabi

for everything
is it the magic in you?
is it the magic in me?
what brought out the flood of thought?
day and night whether am out or not
am marveling at what you're offering

first week of January I arrived here and worry
will I make it? will I not?
shall I blend in my own mound?
or let my system absorb it and gauge it
measure the rhythm apply it bit by bit

hello passengers!
people of the world, welcome aboard!
how colorful and vibrant, resourceful and expectant
this city, this melting pot, accommodates all sort
have no fear just be a dear
and venture into a rewarding adventure

remind yourself
analyze and understand the substance you had
in your country from your own ancestry
all kinds of strife cutting you like a knife
which uprooted your solid ground
drove you here to a city full of opportunity

Abu Dhabi!
beautiful host engulfs you at a cost
present your expertise stand by to release
first lesson respect the person
for he matters with all the warts
watch and learn so you govern

your journey
which begins to encompass others
unfolds itself taking you through winding turf
attune to the mood for the common good
as you undertake a task to get paid and bask
in the ambiance of the communal acceptance

you do realize
when you interact you share universal fact
you denounce oneness to thrive in wholeness
I urge you to face challenges of the place
do your best till it is time to rest
I will say it once again to make sure you bargain
you give and receive it is easy to perceive

Tuesday. March 15,2016

Tuesday, March 15, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: appreciation,city,migration
'Tsosingo' expresses the idea of being thankful. It is a word I picked from Dorzigna which is spoken in the Southern part of Ethiopia in the region of Gamo Goffa.
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