Turned The Other Way Poem by Jim Yerman

Turned The Other Way

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I was blessed to officiate at our son (Ryan's) and his now wife (Amy's) wedding yesterday…the only person at the wedding who was turned the other way.

From my unique perspective I was acutely and proudly aware
of Amy…of Ryan…of our families…and of all their friends and families seated there.

If you watch the news you might conclude that love in this world is on the decline…
but turned the other way at a wedding…I assure you…love…is doing just fine.

At their wedding love was palatable…you could feel it in the air…
It was in every smile, every touch, every kiss…it was literally…everywhere.

You could feel it beginning to swell even before the ceremony had begun…
It was in the silent hugs between a mother and her daughter…
and a mother and her son.

It was in the eyes of the parents as…for their children…a new day was about to dawn…
Happy for the moment…wondering where the time had gone.

It was how we paused a moment…to enjoy a moment that will never again repeat…
it was in how we remembered Amy's Granny up in heaven…
even saved her a front row seat.

It was in the tears of two mothers as they watched their son and daughter on this momentous day…and in the tears of a father as he stepped up and gave his daughter away.

It was reflected in Ryan and Amy's eyes…and in the eyes of all in attendance too
It hung in the air in silence the moment they said ‘I do'.

It was in Sue and Rob and Deborah as they joined me…
sharing a final moment together before the ceremony was done…
Holding each other in a circle of love…two families…now one.

And it continued at the reception…all the different types of love I found…
everywhere I looked…every time I turned around.

Yes, I was happily reminded that love is thriving
while officiating Amy and Ryan's wedding yesterday….
happy to see love in it's endless shapes and sizes…
all while turned the other way.

Kevin Hulme 19 February 2023

You're not wrong. I can only wish the Happy Couple All the Best.

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Anil Kumar Panda 19 February 2023

Such a beautiful poem on eternal love. Love can't vanish from this world. Enjoyed.

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