Twisted Colour Poem by Gladys Ombati

Twisted Colour

You said I didn't know what I wanted
So you painted my heart grey
That I didn't know which way to take
And you labelled my path dark
You insisted I could not think right
And implied my reason was vague
When I was focused you said I was in a daze
And you thought clearly that I was gloomy
You told me I only wanted to hear what I wanted to
And in that I was indistinct
That I only wanted to see what I sought to
Thus you said my sight was obscured.

But you forgot.

You forgot a tiny huge detail.

That I wanted you
And you knew it.
I promised we'll walk together
And you misguided me.
That we would reason out together
And you never made a decision
That I would dream with you
And you let my mind wander
That I would listen to you
And you never said anything.
And as I sought to see colour,
You said my world was grey.

Only when you can open your inner eyes
Eyes given only to your heart and soul
Will you ever see that I have loved colour
And that all along, you've been wrong, we were wrong
We need to harmonize our perceptions
Because all these, friend, all these are of twisted colour

Friday, February 10, 2017
Topic(s) of this poem: heartache,heartbreak,love,love and friendship
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