Two Invitations Poem by praneeth remidi

Two Invitations

End to end it is wandering in my mind
This unrest restlessly and worst
The most crushed heart is in grind
Why am I so badly cursed

Why is this instinct absent?
When gallons of thoughts are sent at once

Ah thou my death, I rest my forehead at inches away from thy feet
On this toughest concrete floor
Aren't thou seeing my blood, this less curious blood?
I invite thee, my death, put forward thy step
I am away only one from thou, one step

Sin it is considered, my approach to thou
And is why I invite thou to me
Disrespect not my invitation, my death
Now I feel, mortality is fortunate, ah unfortunate me.

And my love, I invite thee too to my funeral
Honor me with thy presence
Else not my funeral will never be done

If I see not thou at or after death, my love
Might I be incinerated to ashes
Might I be buried deep in muds
i wait and the funeral will never be done till thou visit

My love, I invite thee to my funeral
Ignore not my invitation

What do I have to gift thou on this farewell
Except a few words
Those days, my love, were not mere days
They were immeasurable tons of bliss
Those smiles, my dear, they were lulls to sleep

In celebrations of my funeral
If the music is on, ah thee my love
My ears would only wait for thy voice
When the crackers are burnt
My dear, it is for thee I search around

Are thou feeling embarrassed in the crowd?
Then come when all think that funeral is over
Get one red rose, that damn dark red one
Shed one tear from thy eyes or from one eye
None mistake thou, my love, it is a funeral
Thou hast freedom to cry there

I might be a dead one but
Speak for a while my dear, be sure that I listen
Be sure, when thou joke, I smile
Be sure, why thou cry, I too would
Go not so soon from that burial ground, wait for a while
For to let me see thou for once before I mix me in dust

That thy beautiful face that resembles a moon
Those two eyes like big long perfect fishes
That spacious forehead, cool like a summer sky
Those chubby cheeks, like the burdened soft clouds
That black hair that makes night visible
Those lips that gives a smile of a heaven

Why not thou wear those thick green bangles
And put on that big red bindhi
Why not thou wear those wooden sole sandals
And forget not to plait thy hair with red band
For I love knowing, thou did secure my gifts

But my love when thou start speaking
Thy voice, I am sure, makes me to try to come back to life
This complete poem is always incomplete
But consider this as my invitation

And miss not my funeral for it is always undone with thy absence.
And miss not my funeral for it is thou, the special guest
And miss not my funeral for I am dying only for thy sight
And miss not my funeral for at least later to death, i want to rest in peace

Kavya . 11 February 2013

oh mine mine..wat an amazing write....imagination beyond words.......

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