Two Nation

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It has always being you and me
Since the genesis of Adam and Eve.
And unregistered jinx behind my scruff
Making me weak and the white stuff.
In the streets and football arena race
And in front of my mother's face
The line of symmetry was drawn,
The cordon was placed on our door
Segregating us in Gods own kingdom.

I'm not calling names!
'But you Ndo Mahai have destroy me'
Since 18th century with deprivation
From the desert where i first crept
Cutting my undue navel and i wept
To cultivate your bungalows as pets.
Now let the past be in our dreams no mor'

APOLOGIES excepted in ectersy
I am the Landlord, but you still pest me!
In my sovereign region with so call democracy!
You impose notion on me as if am nothing
Forgive me I appreciate your charity offering
That I know for sure doesn't go for free.
Excuse me your visa are they for free too?
We chased it day and night but kept on
facing dejection like the flu from your anus.

We are never going to be one
Two nations is what we are
So folks lets enjoy the discrimination
Of being called monkeys bond with starvation
Lets enjoy the tone of slavery
And dance to racism
As the song of segregation plays.