Two Welcomed Words Poem by Bryan Taplits

Two Welcomed Words

No longer light, I walked by night,
With shadows casting shadows,
No one in sight, a bit of fright,
And feeling slightly hollow.
And then I heard (before I saw)
Some shoe steps subtly nearing
As close they came (as though cruel game)
Their ominous cloppings searing.
I'm not that brave (but neither knave) ,
So, confident, not much a'fearing,
When then I heard a heavier lurch that towards my way was steering.
No one I saw-but heard a mob? -(such sounds were in my hearing) .
My heart raced quick-and I felt bit sick-and no longer viewed a clearing.
As the voices neared, I fought cold fear
(my heart on pause, not roaring) .
And jumbled words they charged at me-but two words gave me flooring:
'Good Shabbat! ' I heard leap from each tongue. And 'Good Shabbat! ' in reply.
All my fears now were fled--no longer was I in dread- my heart now restoring
Through halls I coursed, feeling now resourced, all senses now re-borning
My heart re-starts- no more fearing darts-No longer out of breath….-
I'm soaring!
The words-so kind-aimed not at me, but thrown this dark eve-
No devil words nor deviled swerves-
Has given me another morning-
And also a different mooring-
This peaceful Shabbat eve.

Anil Kumar Panda 31 July 2022

Beautiful poem. Enjoyed reading. Nice share.

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