Ukraine War-And Situation Report: day 121 Of Russian Invasion Poem by Gert Strydom

Ukraine War-And Situation Report: day 121 Of Russian Invasion

An Organised Ukrainian pull-back is taking place
at Severodonetsk and the army of the Ukraine
is busy falling back to prepared positions
with their equipment and soldiers during
the next three days from strengthen positions,

where they hold out until the last moments
to give Russia just a bit of ground
at the greatest expense and the aim is
to draw as many Russian weapons and troops
into fighting as is possible,

to have victory in the end by Russia spending
whatever they do have left
but now they go to the next strengthened
defensive positions with their howitzers,
tanks and rocket-launchers.

Russia at the beginning of this war
committed one hundred and ninety thousand troops,
of which thirty thousand has been killed
and the wounded are between seventy
to eighty thousand soldiers,

their battalion groups are in disarray
where Wagner mercenaries and Rosgvardia home-guard troops
are now the main force and Chechen soldiers
under their warlord Kadyrov,

while the soldiers in the regular army
have between three to seven days training,
the equipment that is replaced is very old
on the Russian side where they are trying to win
with huge numbers of soldiers
and great numbers of equipment.

The newly arrived French Caesar and German PzH-2000,
self-propelled howitzers along with
the US HIMARS and German M270 MLRS
is already part of the Ukrainian
GIS-Arta-system and on their way
to this eastern front.

The Russian pilot situation

The Russians are using Wagner pilots,
that use Garmin GPS devices for navigation,
where a Su-25 frogfoot pilot Fedorchuk Butusov
have been captured after being shot down
on 18 June 2022 near Svitlodarsk
and he had been a major in the Russian air-force
but is working for Wagner as a mercenary-pilot
where a lot of retired personnel
are now working for it.

Russia has insufficient numbers of fighter-pilots left
after many were shot down in this war,
others have not being sufficiently trained,
they are scared that some will fly to make a landing
and offer the fighter-jets for a huge compensation.

With six so-called White Swan / NATO code-name:
Bsckfire strategic bombers, the Tu-22M3
Russia is doing carpet-bombing
from a 13300 meter altitude

over whole arias where they are trying
to obliterate everything with conventional bombs
in Cernihiv and Sumy and isolated missile-strikes
on Kiev where they are using Kh-22 missiles
and are flying out of the neighbouring
country of Belarus.

At Mariupol

In the ruins of Mariupol
the one hundred thousand people
that are remaining there have not got
any clean drinking water.

At Lyschansk

From the South the Russians are trying
to move to Lyschansk where it is on higher ground,
on a bluff five hundred feet above Severedonetsk
and Ukrainian forces are in defensive positions

where without being able to surround
and isolate the Ukrainian forces the Russians
will be repelled for some time while those
at Severodonetsk will have to cross
the Severodenetsk river to get to Lyschansk
which could be fatal for them
where these two cities are divided by the river.

At Kharkiv

Ukrainian soldiers have repelled Russian
special force saboteurs that was set on a false-flag
attack on apartment buildings in Kharkiv
to destroy them with bombs and they
have been killed before enacting this terrible thing.

At Kherson

Two ammunition depots were destroyed
along with a Msta-S self-propelled howitzer,
some soldiers, a 23 mm anti-aircraft gun,
four cars and a tactical truck
in a counteroffensive operation
along the Kherson-Dniprotrivsk Oblast border.

In the Russian occupied city of Kherson
partisans of the Ukraine
do attack collaborators
and some of the Russian occupiers.

At Mikolaiv

A Russia Orlan-10 drone was shot down
and Ukrainian helicopters did strike
Russian forces at the border of Mikolaiv
taking out a 152mm Giatsint howitzer,
two T-72 tanks and seven armoured-cars.

Gert Strydom

Gert Strydom

Johannesburg, South Africa
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